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Holistic Health and Menopause

Let's take a look at holistic health and menopause. As an individual dealing with the symptoms of menopause, the liver is extremely important. Why? Well, in a situation where the liver isn't working properly, it may become stocked with an over-abundance of hormones, which will cause problems with the functioning of the body.


What does this have to do with the menopausal symptoms that a woman experiences? All of these things are part of the adrenal system, which may become off-balance. As a result, it isn't able to produce all of the hormones that would normally take the place of the estrogen within the body. When this occurs, most women start experiencing all of the symptoms of the menopause such as hot flashes.

In an effort to solve this problem, the majority of women may consider using holistic health. By using holistic health as the solution to the problem, a woman would be able to get the liver detoxified completely, which would allow it the chance to release all of the excess hormones. From this point, the woman would take the time to get all of her acupuncture points stimulated.

As a result, this would help to encourage the woman's nervous system to process the hormones a little quicker. However, in the event that the woman doesn't really want to be stuck with all of those needles, it is very possible that she will be able to accomplish this through a procedure known as meridian hand acupressure.

The holistic doctor will also be able to evaluate the woman's adrenal glands as well, in order to make absolutely sure that they are properly functioning. The doctor will also check to see if the woman is experiencing any symptoms that may be related to weak adrenal glands, like tiredness, hypoglycemia, back pain and sugar cravings. In the event that there is such a program, there may have to be some additional alternatives developed in order to get everything back in order.

Sometimes, however, this may not even be necessary because the majority of the time the problem can be resolved through detoxification or acupressure. However, please take into consideration that there are several people out there in the world today that may not agree that holistic health can be the proper solution for menopausal symptoms. But when you take into consideration all of the alternatives, it is a whole lot safer.

Most of the time, the alternative methods are going to include hormone or drug therapy. In addition, holistic medicine is known to bring about some miraculous results both here and in several other areas of the world. The West is the only places where everyone assumes that everything has to be solved in the form of a pill, and this is the main reason why there are so many people suffering the amount of problems they do.


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